North State Capital Partners

Acquisition Criteria:

Deal Size:  $2 Million to $20 Million

Property Types:  Multi-Tenant Retail,
Office/Medical Office, Multifamily,
Industrial, Self-Storage, Land for  
Residential Development

Markets:  Southeastern U.S. with focus on
the Carolinas

Targeted Minimum Returns:
•        Cash on Cash of 10%+
•        Total IRR of 12-15%+

Off-Market Opportunities With Value-Add
Potential Preferred

Joint Ventures considered on a select,
deal-specific basis (primarily through
co-sponsor opportunities and sponsor
equity co-investments)

Brokers Protected

Please send acquisition opportunities to:
North State Capital Partners LLC
For more information contact:
We invest in a variety of opportunities where we believe the investment has favorable prospects for
above average risk-adjusted investment returns.  We acquire stabilized income-producing properties
opportunity to add value, capitalizing on pricing and/or operational inefficiencies in order to
maximize investment returns through income and capital appreciation.  We also acquire land for both
leasing, development and re-development opportunities, improving the physical attributes of a
property, improving the capital structure, and better management and/or market positioning.   

We seek to invest across all property types, including multifamily, office, retail, industrial, self-storage
facilities, single-family residential development, and home-building operations.  In addition to
acquisitions, we will consider joint ventures with other real estate operators, investors, and
developers on a select basis, primarily through sponsor equity co-investments and co-sponsor
opportunities.   We primarily focus our investment activities in the Southeastern U.S., with a particular
emphasis on the Carolinas.  Our targeted deal size is in the $2 to $20 million range, where we believe
more fragmented ownership creates greater market inefficiencies.