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Our top priority is to always protect our investors’ money.  We believe that if you protect against
downside risk, the upside will take care of itself.  Therefore, we only select investments which,
following thorough analysis, we believe promises safety of principal and an adequate rate of return
for the risks involved.  Investments may include acquisitions and development, as well as joint
ventures with other real estate operators, investors, and developers on a select basis, primarily
through co-sponsor opportunities.  We employ a fundamental, value-driven investment strategy,
capitalizing on pricing and/or operational inefficiencies in order to maximize investment returns
through income and capital appreciation.  We invest in a variety of opportunities where we believe
the investment has favorable prospects for above average risk-adjusted investment returns.  

We acquire stabilized income-producing properties in quality locations with attractive yields and
focus on real estate investments that offer the opportunity to add value.  Opportunities to add value
may include better pricing and leasing, development and re-development opportunities, improving
the physical attributes of a property, improving the capital structure, and better management and/or
market positioning.   We pursue these strategies across a variety of property types in high-growth
markets in the Southeastern U.S., with a particular emphasis on the Carolinas.  Our investments are
focused on assets valued between $2 million and $20 million, where we believe there is fragmented
ownership and market inefficiencies given that these properties are generally too large for most
individual investors to pursue on their own and too small for many institutional investors to
consider.  We seek to invest across all property types, including multifamily, office, retail, industrial,
self-storage facilities, single-family residential development, and homebuilding operations.  
Investment Strategy
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